Viking Drinking horns at The National Museum in Copenhagen, Denmark

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Let’s start by giving a definition of a “Viking Drinking horn”. The article must refer to drinking horns from the Viking Age that start in around 792 and end around 1066 depending on definition. In Scandinavia we difine The Middle Age as the period the follow The Viking Age, and even though this definition is debated, that is how many danish books and The National Museum define it.

There are no complete drinking horns that survive from the danish Viking Age. These and other drinking horns are placed in The Medieval section in The National Museum in Copenhagen. Here are some pictures I took some time ago:

I can find a lot of these medieval drinking horns on the homepage from The National Museum of Denmark, but its not easy to identify the ones in the picture shared on Facebook. So i will just give one link, and thats to a description of a book about Scandinavian Drinking horns: Link

On the page you can read (in Danish), that The National Museum in Copenhagen have many medieval horns, some of which you can see on my pictures above. Many of them have bronze or silver fittings on, like the ones you can see on the Facebook picture.

The article also tells us that in the Viking Age the use of drinking horns proberly was associated with the heathen religion and therefore it seems like the usage of drinking horns stopped around year 1100, but that the custom of using Drinking horns start again in the 14 th. Century. And its these medieval Drinking horns we see in the exhibition from The National Museum and is shown on the picture in the Facebook post.

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