About me and the blog

My name is Kim Pierri. I live in Denmark and I work as a history and geography teacher in high school. As a teacher I have a hard time understanding why people want to believe in history which is mostly fantasy, therefore I made this blog.

Me on the Viking Long Ship Helge Ask

I have been interested in the Viking age as far back as I can remember. Learning about Norse myths and Viking age history was something I really loved in school in my childhood in the 80’ties and I have been visiting as many museums as I can ever since. In my spare time, I sail Viking longships and does a bit of re-enactment.

I have a Candidate degree in History and Geography from Roskilde University (a candidate is like a 2-year master’s degree). I have been working on excavations in the Roskilde area and have taken an Iron Age and Viking age class at the University of Copenhagen (although I didn’t go to the examination). I have also been to several archeology conferences. Part of my time at university I was an exchange student in Ireland, where I took classes in Irish Medieval Towns and Irish historical Settlements.

I have been an inclusive heathen/Asatru since the end of the nineties. I’m a proud member of the international heathen organization The Troth and I support Declaration 127.

This blog is meant to dispel historical inaccuracies. It’s not my intention to say that anyone isn’t “doing it right” religiously. As a religious person, you can believe whatever you want in my opinion. I’m only looking at the historical side of heathenry. It is very valid to use practices that haven’t got a historical background. What I will comment on is if there are claims that those practices are historical.

I will also say that I’m not a natural or even very good English speaker and writer. I get some help from “Grammarly” and helps my English a bit. What is important is that I am good in my historical knowledge of Iron age and Viking Age history and archeology. That is what I find important.