Viking Drinking horns at The National Museum in Copenhagen, Denmark

At the moment the post abowe are being shared on different Facebook groups Let’s start by giving a definition of a “Viking Drinking horn”. The article must refer to drinking horns from the Viking Age that start in around 792 and end around 1066 depending on definition. In Scandinavia we difine The Middle Age as […]

Use of Cannabis in the Viking age

I have read this article: Cannabis found in Viking grave ( The article is about the Oseberg boat Grave in Tørnsberg, Norway. The article seems to be quite accurate, except for the wording. It is true that Cannabis was found in a leather purse found with the elder lady (the word sack seems to imply […]

Was an Odin statuette seized in central Turkey

The Turkish State media “The Daily Sabah” has an article about a “1,200-year-old Viking god Odin statuette seized in central Turkey”. The article claims that it is a Viking Age statuette of Odin, found at the home of a smuggler. Looking at the item it’s clear that the statuette is not from the Viking Age. […]