Viking Drinking horns at The National Museum in Copenhagen, Denmark

At the moment the post abowe are being shared on different Facebook groups Let’s start by giving a definition of a “Viking Drinking horn”. The article must refer to drinking horns from the Viking Age that start in around 792 and end around 1066 depending on definition. In Scandinavia we difine The Middle Age as […]

An abandoned Viking Village in Iceland?

This post seem to permeate the “viking” groups on Facebook and it claim to show an abandoned Viking Village in Iceland. It doesn’t look anyway like Viking age houses and it doesn’t look abandoned at all. A quick Image Search confirm that it’s a Scottish Village on The Isle of Lewis named “Gearrannan Blackhouse Village”. […]

Did the Viking Age Scandinavians use Ravens in navigation?

I have been seeing this meme (or memes with the same claim) repeatedly over the years where claims that “The Vikings used ravens to find land”. This isn’t the case. We do know a story about one Viking using ravens in that way. In the Book of the Settlers/ Landlamabók is says: Floki took three […]

Was Saturday originally named after Loki?

This meme has been shared on different Facebook pages. The problem with the Meme is saying that Saturday (laugardagr in Old Norse) has something to do with Lokis day. Laugardagr should be translated to “bathing day”, since the Old Norse word “Laug” means bath. Source: The Meme is correct when talking about Tuesday, Wednesday, […]