There are NO Viking settlement on Point Rosee in Canada

In 2014 the amazing Satellitearcheologist Sarah Parcak examined the Canadian coastline to look for more Viking settlement as part of a BBC program “Vikings Unearthed”.  She found some interesting shapes in Point Rosee on Newfoundland and a test excavation she found what she thought was “an iron-working hearth partially surrounded by the remains of what appears to have been a turf wall.”. For her results, you can read this article from 2016:

Unfortunately, the report Parcak made after the excavation didn’t support the first optimistic articles. Both the Bog Iron and the turf was after further tested shown to be natural deposits. You can read more in this article:

Unfortunately, internet news pages don’t change articles after it has been shown that they contain outdated or wrong information. Those old positive articles from 2016 are still being shared on Facebook here in 2019. Yesterday (2019) there was also a “new” article produces. Unfortunately, the new article “DISCOVERY OF VIKING SITE IN CANADA COULD REWRITE HISTORY” on Archeology World is an exact copy of an old article on “The Vintage News”. IT has been copied word by word (it even says “last June” about events in 2015).

The Archeology World Article seems to have disappeared on their page here in 2020 where this post has been reposted on the new version of the blog.

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