Was Saturday originally named after Loki?

This meme has been shared on different Facebook pages. The problem with the Meme is saying that Saturday (laugardagr in Old Norse) has something to do with Lokis day. Laugardagr should be translated to “bathing day”, since the Old Norse word “Laug” means bath. Source: https://ordnet.dk/ods/ordbog?query=l%C3%B8rdag&tab=for The Meme is correct when talking about Tuesday, Wednesday, […]

I took an arrow in the knee is not Old Norse slang

Many pages are sharing the following Meme at the moment The only thing that’s true in that meme is that it is mind blown. The idea comes from a modern game named Skyrim and was invented to make some guards have a conversation. There is no historical information that such an expression existed in Scandinavia […]