There are NO Viking settlement on Point Rosee in Canada

In 2014 the amazing Satellitearcheologist Sarah Parcak examined the Canadian coastline to look for more Viking settlement as part of a BBC program “Vikings Unearthed”.  She found some interesting shapes in Point Rosee on Newfoundland and a test excavation she found what she thought was “an iron-working hearth partially surrounded by the remains of what […]

The Mississippi Viking Ship

A comment on the article found here: This story was published by World News Daily Report, which is a homepage with intentional fake news. They write in their disclaimer: “WNDR assumes, however, all responsibility for the satirical nature of its articles and for the fictional nature of their content. All characters appearing in the […]

Was a Viking Settlement Discovered Near Great Lakes, USA?

World News Daily Report made some time ago another fake news story about Vikings in North America. This time they concocted a story about a Viking settlement near the town of Cheboygan, on the coast of Lake Huron. You can see the fake story here: USA: Viking Artifacts discovered near Great Lakes This story was […]