An abandoned Viking Village in Iceland?

This post seem to permeate the “viking” groups on Facebook and it claim to show an abandoned Viking Village in Iceland. It doesn’t look anyway like Viking age houses and it doesn’t look abandoned at all. A quick Image Search confirm that it’s a Scottish Village on The Isle of Lewis named “Gearrannan Blackhouse Village”. […]

There are NO Viking settlement on Point Rosee in Canada

In 2014 the amazing Satellitearcheologist Sarah Parcak examined the Canadian coastline to look for more Viking settlement as part of a BBC program “Vikings Unearthed”.  She found some interesting shapes in Point Rosee on Newfoundland and a test excavation she found what she thought was “an iron-working hearth partially surrounded by the remains of what […]

The Mississippi Viking Ship

A comment on the article found here: This story was published by World News Daily Report, which is a homepage with intentional fake news. They write in their disclaimer: “WNDR assumes, however, all responsibility for the satirical nature of its articles and for the fictional nature of their content. All characters appearing in the […]

Was a Viking Settlement Discovered Near Great Lakes, USA?

World News Daily Report made some time ago another fake news story about Vikings in North America. This time they concocted a story about a Viking settlement near the town of Cheboygan, on the coast of Lake Huron. You can see the fake story here: USA: Viking Artifacts discovered near Great Lakes This story was […]